Negative bump comments

So my husband was staring at me as I came out of the kitchen and then asked me if I was supposed to be showing this early. He said it looks like I had put on weight and asked if I was overeating. I'm so moody anyway but I was really hurt by this comment. I've had morning sickness like no other and so hungry at the same time. Along with all of this to get used to, I'm also carrying our twins. Who in their right mind would ask me this?
We also went into work today to move some things back into my classroom and the secretary said that she thought I looked great and that she could see the weight loss in my face. I FEEL like I've gained a ton but really only 4 pounds so far (I'm 11w2d today). 
I guess I just don't get people feeling the need to comment about weight at all, good or bad. I'm probably being too emotional, but just had to vent. ....and end rant. Thanks for reading 😌