Why ladies why


So a close acquaintance said she is trying to get pregnant on purpose by her bf and she will do what ever she can to be or get pregnant.she told her bf that she's on bc.I told her to be honest and don't trap him if he's not ready.she said she doesn't care if he dumps her all she cares is about having a baby and if it's not her bf it'll be someone else.all I told her was be careful think it over and be honest.I did tell her some other things not mean things and guess what? Now I'm the bitch and need to mind my own business umm well you told me I didn't even know anything your plan.she's talking mess and acting childish.

Convo started when we were talking about a families baby and I said I'm ttc after 2 losses in less than 5 months and that's when she started about her baby planing. Its okay if she want to hate me and call me names but when you make fun of me and hurt me and gloat about my losses is when you cross the line with me. I tell you some females now days smh.

Why do ladies do this why do they lie about being on bc and ttc just be honest.