So I have a wonderful son who is 3(from my high school sweetheart that unfortunately didn't work out. But I'm with someone And after discussing and deciding it's time for another we started ttc. Weve been trying for a year. He doesn't want to get checked and has made some comments about leaving if he can't cause he can't give me what I want...I tell him I love him no matter what but the discussion ends in negatives. So I backed off for the last few months. Tonight on Facebook some old pictures came up of my son as a little baby and I was just like ash babe how cute, I want another. And he got grumpy and said I need to stop pushing it and I asked what the neck he was talking about and he said with the way I'm going I might as well get <a href="">ivf</a> already and I told him not to talk like that unless he gets checked and he just got grumpy and said he should sleep on the couch. I want him near me though...and he's hurting my feelings, but how do I talk about it if even looking at my son's pictures becomes pushing it? How do I convince him to get checked?