Abundant amount of lotion like cm day of expected af

Jo • I am a nurse, wife, and mother to one sweet baby girl age 7, and one sweet baby boy age 2, who gained his angel wings on May 18, 2015. We have been trying for #3 since 9/2014. With no luck.
Tmi, I know. But I've been having for the last three days or so, lots of lotion like cm, so much that sometimes I think I've in fact started my period, go to the bathroom and its just cm. This is something out of the ordinary for me. I've read nanny things about this and is about half and half that some say pregnancy symptom, and some say it's just af on her way. I've tested and gotten what I thought were very faint lines, when tweaked,so faint you had to squint, but never gotten any darker after a couple days when testing again. What are your thoughts? Now watch me post this and af arrive today. But I was curious.