What was everyone's 20 week anatomy scan like?

Price • Together for over 13 years, married 6 years. After 3yrs ttc w/PCOS we finally have our son! now without trying we r pregnant with baby #2
We went this morning for our anatomy scan and appointment with one of the midwives at the practice. The ultrasound was first. (The same tech that did the first nt scan did the can today... we had to go back for the nt scan and have it redone ) well this lady zips threw the scan. U can barely make out what she is saying things are through foot looked like a blurry blob.. I was under the impression they checked everything over well to make sure everything was ok.. I didn't feel like she did that.. well we now have to go back in 2 weeks to have it redone because she said she couldn't look at the spine. She didn't ask me to move or try to get the baby to move so she could try... I thought I had seen where people were talking on here how theirs took alot longer than the ones in the past mine today was only 10 -15 mins max... am I wrong? What was ur appointment like? I also never get to see an actual doctor and I feel like they never communicate or explain anything. Sorry just really frustrated. . (When she was asked is everything ok she said yea I think so but I can't see the spine in this position u will have to come back)