I married my husband last August. We had been knowing each other for 3 years before that. Our relationship started out as just friends then grew into something amazing. To make this short he separated in January because he had an affair. He came back a month later begging me to forgive him and try to fix our marriage.  I was hesitant but I gave it another shot. We were great till I had to leave the country for immigration reasons. He would take hours to respond to text messages and as of a week ago I completely stopped hearing from him. His step mother told me yesterday "he's been cheating on you like so many times" I feel like such a fool for even thinking that he could actually change. He has told me that he won't sign the divorce and has threaten me saying if I file he will make sure Immigration thinks that our marriage was a complete sham just to screw me over. I don't know what to do. I feel completely alone and in a corner with this whole situation