Soo mad! Can't find a doctor that will see me!!!

⚓️Mila⚓️ • Baby #2 due December 4th!
We moved states the beginning of June. Last time I saw my obgyn was on may 27th. 2 months ago! When I tried to make an appointment before I had the blue cross blue shield card they said I cannot make an appointment without the actual card. So I waited. We got married 2 weeks ago and as of today I finally have insuarance. I called maybe 15 obgyn near me and not one takes new patients here in Augusta, GA. They ether have a 6 weeks waiting list, they can not deliver or they do not take new patients. One lady told me that I am too far along now for them to see me, ( I am 21w4d), one lady said they only see first trimester ladies. One lady said just go to the Er and they will refer you. I called the hospital, they said a nurse will call me back with a list of doctors I can call. I'm sure I've already called all of them. What is there I can possibly do? I need a doctor now and am about to cry my heart out because I just want them to see me and my baby and tell me how is everything. Please any input will be appreciated..
Can I just go to the Er and say Hay, just check me out???