Which country should I emigrate to?

If the UK leaves the EU then I'm f***ing off to another country. I was talking to my cousin about it - who doesn't believe I'd actually do it - so we're making a bet 😉 If we leave the EU and I leave, he'll pay for my new passport once I get citizenship.

So - where should I go? Language barriers aren't much of an issue as that's something I can figure out at a later date but it has to be a liberal, left, environmentally aware and progressive country. My engineering degree has to be applicable and the standard of living acceptable. The passport also has to have a lot of freedom of travel.

From visa free entry to countries I've found a list of the best passports in order and although that's obviously not the only factor, it's just a start:





US (not great but hey - California)









New Zealand


...I've cut out one or two that I know I wouldn't want to move to permanently from visiting. Obviously the UK is pretty high up but with our government screwing everything up and getting away with it by lying (They genuinely just announced they're the greenest government yet... Whilst lifting a ban on bee-killing pesticides. I wish I was joking.) so I just don't want to be here for the downfall and/or uprising that's inevitable.

Do any of you live in these countries? Any suggestions? Experiences? Where would you personally choose? Obviously this is still not serious and won't be until a referendum but I'd like some ideas ahead of time 😉