I had my 2nd anatomy scan today!

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Look at how freakin adorable our son is! 21weeks and 1day but our lil guy is measuring 6days ahead, currently weighing 1pound with a heartrate of 145bpm!

As far as the appointment, not much has changed except for a few details. 3weeks ago we were told that my placenta had split into two parts, with one portion being on one side of my cervix opening and the other portion being on the opposite side, with an unprotected blood vessel and nerve running along the cervix opening, from one placenta to the other. Also known as Vasa Previa.

Although I am not diagnosed with Vasa Previa yet, as it's still to early, I am still high risk for it and we are still on strict demands of no intercourse (sorry babe!) for 6more weeks unless told otherwise at my next appointment.

Currently, the only small change, one of the placena halves are slowly moving over the cervix opening, in which he has classified it as Placenta Previa, however fortunately 95% of the time, it moves up, so that is of no concern as of now.

Baby boy is perfectly healthy, and that is all that matters!