Need help or advice?


Sorry it long!!

My name is Karessa. I'm posting this for anyone who may need help with abuse, drug's, or any questions. This is my story so I can help if anyone may need it.

I was with a man for 4yrs he use to beat me all the time. He would hit me when I didn't do METH with him and his friends. When I would try to leave he would threaten to kill me and my kids. He would rape me, & beat me. I had finally got up and had to leave for my kids sake. I ended up in another abusive relationship. Didn't last long. But I am now 11 days from being clean 1 year. So for anyone who needs help I'll do my best to help and give you advice. Or u are more than welcome to text or call me. 603-899-8112.

Thank you.