Sorry for the length just need advice and needed somewhere to talk about this. So I'm working a job and I only wanted 3 to 4 days a week. And they are making me work 5 to 6 and I don't have any time for anything my family used to be my world now I only see them by going passed there house and waving hi. My grandma is sick and I don't get to see her but 1 day a week. And I'm only getting paid 8.50 an hour which only gives me barely a $150-190 dollar check and I can't work more than 30-40 hours do to health issues and they are making me work. I put in a request for 2 days a week got denied. I tried 3 days a week got denied. They just hired in a few new people and they don't have many for my shift anyways so I don't know what to do. I'm starting school august 24th and I'm on a horrible sleeping schedule and I wanted to get my sleep on track for school. But my job is fucking me up and I tried talking to my husband but all he cares about is money. He graduated college just last week and works. But he thinks everything's about him. I'm not saying I don't want a job or pay for anything because I do. I just don't want to work somewhere where I'm working so much for no money and they won't do what I need done. So I told my husband he only thinks about himself because I don't have a high school diploma and I'm 21 so I decided to go back to high school to get my diploma so it'll be good for college and jobs later in life. But he don't care. Any advice. I'm depressed. I'm stressed. Miserable. Pissed. And everything else.