Not as joyful as I anticipated

So all I have ever wanted was to be pregnant and have children. After 5-6 months of trying we conceived. Now it has been one blow after another. Morning sickness since 6 til even now at 27 nearly 28 weeks, elevated BP, dizzy spells, missed work, a maternal fetal medicine doc, and now today to top it all off blood and urine test weekly followed by weekly scans and two doc visits per week starting at 32 weeks!! I'm sad, upset and frustrated! I understand that I run te risk if preeclampsia, however all of blood an urine tests are normal, baby is measuring ahead and very healthy, the only prob is my BP is 130-140/82-88... I know I am blessed to have this baby, but it just seems every time I go to the docs is bad news and making this joyful experience dreadful :-(