Distracting Husband

Beth • ~~~♡♡Let`s Roll♡♡~~~

What a prick my husband is!

See ladies he's working on this game...a board game. Its actually pretty good, I know he'll go very far with it. Anyways...during the week he works on it, sits at the compy and does his thing. I go on Netflix or play a round of video games. Tonight was supposed to be our special "making love night" a suggestion he asked for. I told him that when he is done whatever picture he's doing then we'll begin our night. He agreed. So I start watching Netflix. He said another 15 and he'll be done. Then when my show is done after watching 4 episodes I say how long, another 20 he says. Im kinda in a tiff just cause he said 15 a half hour ago. But I let it go...that's when the prick says...I've just had lots of distractions, noise from your show and what not. I then get pissy. I ask him what can I do to entertain myself then while you're working so that no distractions will occur. I told him that I feel second in his life to a game and I feel its unacceptable for him to treat me like this.

Rant over...I love him but god he's such a prick.