😢feeling emotional

My daughter who is 4 is crying her eyes out she reallly wants a baby to play with, my aunty had recently gave birth to a girl and my daughter thought it was her lil sister (which isnt it her aunty) as i was looking after the baby while my aunt has to go back hospital to redo her stitches and when she came back i gave her baby n went back home wid my lil one and on the way she was upset and shes broke into tears saying she wants her sister back, had to explain to her thats not her sister it her aunty and she will hopefull onw day get a lil sister or brother soon and she says when? I am waiting why isnt the baby coming out and then she told me to make promise that no1 will take her lil baby bro or sis away from her when the baby is born. I had teary eyes as ive had clomid cycles no success no nothing and my baby feels lonely wven though i play wd her shes even says to my mum why isnt my mom getting me my lil sister or brother mum said to her one day a baby will come u just need to wait when god wants he will give.

I feel so bad why cant i concieve people says it easy once u get prego you can get another baby straight away it bèen 2 years even i feel upset n want to cry when i see my old auntis who is almost 40 and 30 have babies everytime and they get pregnamt very easily bt im 23 it taking this much time.

My af is due in 14/15 and i dont have any hope being prego my heart says no point doing pregnancy test as it will be negative tired seein- and never + when will i be able to give my daughter a friend to play with😢😢