Help! I am being jealous,and dont know how to stop!


I have the man of my dreams. The guy I believe Im gonna marry. The only curse is, he is a good looking guy. He gets flirted with, constantly!

I always said Im too jealous a person to date somebody good looking, and I am! :(

We work together,and theres a new young 20yr old girl that started. Shes quite pretty. To me, he is being more then friendly to her, and vice versa. She talks about her bf all the time, but is still extremly flirtacious! I dont get it. And this is right in front of my eyes. What about when Im not even there??!

Do I bring this up to my bf? And seem like a crazy jealous gf? I dont want too. But its already affecting me, losing sleep and constantly worrying about them.

How do you trust a guy thats gonna work with a pretty girl damn near every day??

I am 24 and wish i wasnt this insecure jealous type, but I am, and its un-settling!!