Getting back to normal after Mirena removal??

I had my Mirena removed back in May after having it for nearly 2.5 years.  My cycle returned immediately (within 2 weeks of removal), but I still feel like my hormones may be out of whack because I get incredibly nauseated before my periods now. Like can't move, reminds me of my all day sickness when I was pregnant years ago.. Anyone have any words of encouragement? I've heard of the Mirena crash, and actually take a few vitamins,  paired with a healthy diet and exercise, so I'm not sure if there is anything else I can do.. I've never dealt with nausea leading up to my period before, but my goodness it is miserable! I've tried some home remedies that don't really touch it, and have tried not having to use any OTC medications. At this rate though I'm thinking i might need something stronger.. 
😔😔😔😔 this whole Mirena process feels like it's just ruined my body.