Bleeding nipple

Brittany • Mommy to a wonderful 6yr old boy, 2yr old girl and 1yr old girl.
My nipples have been really sore and just gross looking. I've been pumping and giving my Breast milk to my little lady in a bottle cuz she doesn't seem to want to latch she's a tiny 6lb baby and my boobs are massive so I figure that's why or maybe just the feeling of them being yucky. Anyways every time I pump I swear my nipples are going to just blow out. I got done pumping my left boob and moved to my right and the 1st pull broke open my nipple and blood started coming out :-/ im so afraid of pumping from that boob now. I've been putting coco butter oil on my nipples cuz I don't have and nipple cream hoping that it helps. What's a good natural nipple cream?