Thanking your man

Natalie • Feb ’20 💚 March ‘18 💙 Dec ‘15 💙🧩 4 miscarriages 🌈
How do you thank your SO or make them feel special?  My husband is seriously THE BEST!  I told him I got an alert on my car - tire pressure low while I was on my way home from work.  Before he walked in the door himself, I could hear the air compressor going in the garage.  He came in, said he found a nail, kissed me and said he'd take it to tire barn real quick so I wouldn't have to do it after work tomorrow (which I told him I don't mind doing at all!).  I was making dinner and he told me to eat without him (I didn't, lol, patiently salivating over pulled pork and potatoes) and he'd be back soon.  He's sooooo good to me, I love him.  I usually get him his favorite sweets but he's been on a diet (pregnancy sympathy weight has him down 😂).  Anyway, how do you make your SO feel loved?