Daycare dilemma

So i have quite the dilemma.
My husband and i both go to work at 5 am 3 days a week and every other weekend. Quitting our jobs is not an option and changing hours isnt really much o an option either. I could potentially change my hours to 5:30.
 I was looking at daycares and such today and none of them open until 6. And none of them are open weekends. What am i supoosed to do?
My mom works full time but im sure she would help some weekends (not everyone) but if it snows she cant get out of her lane and i cant get in, plus she lives 20 minutes out so that would mean if i drive to her house i would have to get up at about 3:30 and wake my child up at that time. 
My father in law i think wants to help us out but he has some health issues going on right now. Hopefully hes better by next spring when i need a sitter, not just for that reason of course. 
And my husband doesnt really talk to his mom to often, although she lives 3 minutes from work, and she doesnt get up til 9 or 10 am. She doesnt work though so that would be perfect if she wanted to help if we could get her to wake up earliar. 
Another problem is that i cant afford baby furniture for everyones homes. 
I cant buy a playpen and a crib and a changing table for everyone else. 
  I have 6 months to get this figured out but i really dont know what to do. We cant quit our jobs. I really hope husbands dad gets better and is ready to help becasue we REALLY need him. 
Sorry this was more of a vent session unless someone has some suggestions.