Should I take sick leave before baby gets here?

I am 35+3 weeks
My husband seems to think I need to relax before the baby comes, but I planned to work until I go into labor.  He says that it's his baby too and he doesn't want to worry about me at work.  I was told to take it easy and relax by the doctor yesterday, but I work at an office and I don't think it is physically demanding considering I am sitting most of the day.  I have 3 issues they might be enough to get a sick leave, but I am not sure I want to stop working.  Even though the issues may be enough for a Doctor to put me on sick leave I want to wait until closer to my due date.  These are my medical issues right now:
1.  Graves' Disease.  I am tired all the time, but I still exercise and work around the house.  My medication doesn't seem to be working atm and I have lost more weight than I have gained this pregnancy.  Still waiting results of the recent blood test, but I know my body.
2.  I have an inflamed cervix.  I had some bleeding the other day and it scared the poop out of me.  My desk chair is becoming very unfortable and I have a lot of pain on the outside of my cervix.  I can walk around but I have to do a lot of typing and answering the phone.  So I don't always get the chance to just walk around the office.
3.  Dislodged pelvis.  This means it is pushing on my sciatica so this can be extremely painful.  Anyone who has ha sciatica pain knows how painful this is.
None of these things really put the baby at risk aside from the Graves' Disease which can cause premature labor, still birth and other pregnancy complication, but that exists whether I am working or not.
Anyways so my husband really wants me to stop working right now.  I asked him if I could wait a little bit and just see what the doctor thinks, but he is pissed because I "don't get it".  He sees this as a really serious issue and thinks he needs to threaten me in order to listen to him.  He said if he has to make me walk to work to convince me to go on maternity leave now he will.  It's an hour walk which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but the graves makes me really sleepy already.  The specialist says that feel like I just finished an intense hour work out 24/7.  The medication was suppose to help, but the symptoms are back.
Am I just being stubborn like he says?  I see all these woman who work well past their due date and probably have issues worse than I do.  Should I tough it out or just listen to my husband.  I just feel like working until I give birth makes me looks dedicated to my job and even though I know I can't get fired it is still important for me to earn their respect because they could easily make up reasons why they can't keep me.  This is the first time I have had a really good job and I love it.  I just want to prove to them that I take my job seriously and don't want to lose it.  The job I had with my last pregnancy told me I would have to reapply when I called to go back and I didn't bother fighting because of the didn't respect me enough to hold my job why would I want to work there??  So maybe that explains why I am stubborn this time.  I didn't care about the job I had with my first pregnancy, but this one I actually love.  It's my career and I don't want to piss anyone off.
I also feel like this next month will go by even slower if I don't work and there is nothing worse than the last month dragging on.  It already is and I'm afraid if I stop working that it will feel even longer.  
Sorry for my ramble.  I just don't know what I should do.

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