Rude ultrasound tech.

Today I went in for my second transvaginal ultrasound. I have the results for that and my blood work on Friday. I've done this before, and I get varying answers about whether or not I have pcos. It is VERY frustrating.
Anyways, I went in, trying to be really positive. I just came off nuvaring the end of July. I had a period and I've been trying to track things. I've been cramping, which I'm sure is just part of coming off the birth control. 
I haven't ovulated on my own since I was about 14. I've had doctors "jump start" it before and I've had maybe two or three periods on my own the past five or six years. 
So I'm trying to explain this to the tech (because she asked) and she gets super snobby and says "well you know you can't have a baby without a period" ...and I was like...yes. Thanks for that. I'm not an idiot. 
Then she showed me my ovaries and said neither was ovulating. I told her we just purchased OvaCue and were trying to track it and she just said "bet that was expensive. Good luck." And continued to cut me off and tell me she knew the drill and had been infertile for 3 years and ended up having artificial insemination. And that she has her own ultrasound set up at home. 
I don't know but it was just SO upsetting to me that she was talking down to me. She also didn't tell me anything about my cysts so I have NO idea what to expect on Friday. 
Has anyone dealt with techs like this? Are they all like this? I just felt that maybe since she had gone through this, she could have been more encouraging about it. My husband was pissed.
My mom is going with me on Friday and I'm hoping I'll get some answers. I'm thinking about looking into a different OBGYN, because I always have rude techs and feel rushed by my doctor.
I just needed to rant. Thanks for reading.