If you remember me

Well ladies I thought I would share with you that my first month and only month of trying with my ex fiancé WAS a success, I was in between 4-6 weeks pregnant and miscarried, I had a cyst on my uterus that burst and caused the miscarriage, thanks to the mirena iud. I don't reccomend that nasty thing to anyone. That was  just icing on my cake of things it hurt me from. I'm finally at a stage where I can understand what happened and be ok with it. My ex tried telling me it wasn't his baby so he didn't have to grieve. I cramped for 3 weeks and had bleeding(for 2 weeks) that nearly hospitalized me 3 times! I don't wish what happened to me on anyone' it was very painful:( I have had lots of fantom kicks since, my levels are at 0 so I know there's nothing left, but I just can't help but grieve