Trans in jail (don't judge just the title)


All of these posts about transgender and gender neutral things have brought to mind a weird situation i once saw.

I was in jail a long time ago over something silly (i called a judge a bitch...long story). Anyway, while i was in there a trans woman was arrested. She had the top surgery and was on hormones, but still had a penis. They had NO idea where to put her. She was still legally male so she started out in the men's pod. This caused problems because the men didn't have to wear shirts. She said well i guess i don't either if I'm a man and had D cup breasts out for the world. They then moved her to our pod, but only for a day before they said they couldn't possibly have someone with a penis with the women.

In the end they put her in solitary for the extent of her sentence. This seemed unreasonably harsh since solitary is supposed to be additional punishment for violence or disturbing the peace.

I admit i have no idea what the best solution would have been, so I'm curious what you all think should have been done.

Oh they also refused too give her the hormone treatments, bit that's a separate issue.