Having a hard time trasitioning to SAHM

TTC #2 due 3/29

Been a SAHM since January, when we bought a house and moved to a new city. I am really lonely and don't know what to do with myself or my 2 year old. We probably watch too much tv and movies (which I hate) but it can be so exhausting entertaining him all the time, especially since it's too hot outside to go out.

On top of that we are TTC and my husband and I are arguing alot. He doesn't get how hard this is for me and is sick of hearing about it. I don't have much going on to talk to him about so anytime I talk to him he acts annoyed. Last night I asked if he just wanted 2 kids, and he bit my head off, went on and on about why do we have to talk about, ugh! If I talk to him about decorating the house I get the same response and if I talk to him about our son it's the same.

He doesn't do anything romantic for me anymore. Ok I think I am done complaining.

Advice from people that are going through the same thing or have would be greatly appreciated.