Hello 21 weeks!

Rose • Mommy to Isabella Rose 🌹
21 weeks, can't believe we've come this far . Say hello to people asking you how far along you are and randomly touching your belly. Say hello to perky nipples and sore rib cages to the point you can't breathe , tossing and turning every 30 minutes to finally find a comfort spot on the bed , and uncontrollable movement in your belly because of your mini me .. It has been a long 21 weeks but worth it. Non-stop morning sickness and burgers and fries and chips and salsa with green beans cravings . I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world . I've suffered with the thought of losing you but seeing you growing inside me and feeling you move every single day gives me the assurance that I'm doing a great job baring you inside me . I love you more than words can't describe, can't wait to meet you little one 😊💕