Pushy in laws about baby's name

My in laws cornered me the other day when my husband was out of town and informed me that if our baby is a boy we HAVE to have my husbands first name in the baby's name (either first or middle they don't care). Because it's a family name.  Our baby would be the 5th generation first boy with this same name.  I'm sort of annoyed by this, am I over reacting or was that kind of pushy to say this to me?  My husband says he doesn't care either way, and I feel like it's our baby we should get to decide....and what if I want to name him after someone on my side of the family, I mean the baby is getting their last name.  Am I being hormonal and over reacting?  How would you deal with this?  What would be a nice way of telling them no?  I just kind of sat there shocked.  They told me in front of the whole family, I felt  bombarded.