Emotions making me judgmental πŸ˜”

Audrey β€’ Q
I'm not usually a judgmental person, but I'm so angry right now. I delivered my stillborn daughter in March and since then, 4 more of my SIL's got pregnant, and I did as well, and 2 more are talking like they are getting baby fever, and it bugs me. One I feel like shouldn't have any more kids. It would be her 5th, and she came over with her kids while we had another SIL over, and while they were talking, I was the one cleaning up after her kids after they spilled a drink, and she kind of ignored them the whole time. I thought how messed up it was that her kids come to me first for things because They know I'll answer before their mom will. (I lived with them for a year, so that's why they feel so comfortable asking me for help.) I know it's just because I'm jealous because among the happiness of pregnancy, I am also mourning my daughter. It's just not the blissful pregnancy that they have. I am bugged because I don't fit in with their group and its hard for me. I know I am just taking my anger and sadness out on these other mothers, and it isn't like me, and I just am so sad. πŸ˜” I feel like I'm confessing a little, so I'm sorry about the rant, I just wanted to know if anyone else is struggling emotionally right now.