Diastisis recti....

Totally sucks!! I was a fit 112 lbs pre pregnancy! My first daughter everything went great. Lost he weight and was back in shape in no time. But with baby number 2 (10 yes apart mind you), I'm all tore up almost literally. My stomach muscles have ripped apart and nothing is helping. I can't do traditional exercises and pelvic floor exercises are doing nothing. 10 weeks postpartum and I still look about 18-20 weeks pregnant. The rest of me is skinny. I feel so ugly and unattractive. I don't even want my husband looking at me or touching me! I still weight about 140, which I can live with the extra weight. I needed to gain weight anyway. But looking pregnant I can't deal with. I bind, suck in, and my wardrobe consists of huge tee shirts and baggy shorts. At my daughters baptism this past Sunday I was so self conscious and sucking in so hard I was miserable and in pain the whole time. I'm sorry ladies to be complaining, but I have no other resources or people who understand. My family just says "welcome to being fat". Not helpful at all. 
I'm super depressed and don't even hardly leave the house anymore. I know I should be happy I have a healthy baby etc. But it's hard when my outsides don't match my insides. I look in the mirror and just cry. I even had a panic attack he night before true baptism because I had nothing nice to wear that didn't consist of maternity clothes. Anyone have any helpful advice? 
Sigh.....rant over. Sorry for complaining.