Very stressed

4 miscarriages and husband doesn`t want any childr
Just fair warning this might be long. Well the reason I am so stressed is because I am @ 20dpo today and all the hpt that I have taken starting @ 10dpo has been negative. Then when I see someone on here that says that they will tweak for ya I post mine but it is like they just go right past mine and does the next one. I don't know I! That's because the just assume that it's negative and don't want to waste their time on mine but it is very aggravating to me. I just feel like I'm wasting both their time and my time posting them. Hell I don't even know why I bother buying the damn HPT anyways every time I do take one it is always the same. BFN not one time has it been a BFP. I might as well stop wasting by time and money one the damn things.