Do I leave...HELP!!!!!

Last night it got and my SO tried to talk things out and it escalated. I said something to him (my opinion) and while I was talking he said "I don't give a f**k" in said "if you dnt give a f**k then get in your car and leave" I was leaning on his car at the time he goes " if you get off my car I will leave" I said "remember your leaving cus you dnt give a fuck". I started walking in the house and he followed behind me saying give me my other car key back. I'm like ok wait right here I'll go get it...I attempted to close my door and he pushed it open. So hard my real nail broke. He walked in following me up the steps started saying give him his ring back I dnt deserve it. I'm like no here's your key get out. He grabbed my arm and attempted to take the ring off my finger. But he didn't get it. I think the look on my face when he grabbed me made him let go. This is not the man I know. Not the man I want a baby with. Here I his bed somehow. Couldn't sleep all night. Getting up now to go home. The more I think about it the more sad and hurt I am. I'm leaving his ring in the dresser. Dnt ask why I stayed with him last night... Maybe u was scared..maybe I really didn't want him to leave. Idk why. I feel sick even thinking about this. Hes like I didn't smack you or punch you or grab you. I'm like but you did grab me. Is this how it starts? Abuse I mean. Should I leave? Help. I need advice.