Yeast infection while treating a uti

Morning ladies. 
Long story but got a uti. It wasn't treated due to doctors thinking it was other things (like a cyst) then they finally listened to me in the er when I told them my organs are shutting down and they discover both kidneys and liver are infected. Spent 3 days in the hospital. It was very bad. This also was going on for 3 months. Lots of doctor visits. 
I've been on antibiotics for 9 days so far and they have me taking them for 5 more days. 3 days was thru an iv and 3 different kinds of antibiotics. 
Now I think I'm getting a yeast infection. It's itchy. That's all. And normally only after I pee. 
Could this really just be because of the uti? Like an after affect? Would it hurt me to use the yeast infection cream if I don't really have one? It would makes sense to get one with all the antibiotics I've been on. I tried google with no help.