Seriously Painful

Okay guys. I need some advice. 
Here's a little history first. I'm 23. My periods are regular. I've been off of birth control for almost two years now. I can't take birth control due to a complicated genetic blood condition. Almost a year ago I started having sharp pains around my ovaries at random times during my cycle. Got it checked out, they told me it was nothing.
My last two periods have been overwhelming painful on the first day. You know, that kind of pain where you can't even get out of bed. And it feels like the cramps sort of radiate down my legs and I can't stand for very long. Midol somewhat dulls the pain, but not enough to make it bearable. I lost my health insurance, so the gyno is unfortunately pretty much out of my budget. 
Does anybody else have this problem? Is it normal? Should I bite the bullet and go to the gyno?