BFP for Hubby's bday!!! I have a plan but need help!!!

I asked my husband early this week what he wanted for his birthday. He teasingly said, "A baby, please!" 👶🏼 He's been so loving and supportive, and I wished with all my heart that it could happen...but I had little optimism. 
I took a PT after work yesterday for the hell of it and saw the faintest line, lost my $@!&, and bought three more tests. 😆 More faint lines!!! A digital test this morning told me, "Hells yes, little lady!! You're preggo!!!" 😎 fewer words.  
We're beginning our staycation tomorrow morning and I want to give him a little gift bag in the morning filled with clues. 🎁 Clues that are not so obvious, but might tip him off. I thought I'd buy a bag of his favorite coffee ☕️ (and attach a note that says, "For those sleepless nights"), and an egg timer.  But what else!?! 
I need a couple more not-so-completely-obvious gifts.  💥Please help!!💥 I'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this. Im so flippin' excited!!!! 😁 
(I accidentally posted this on the wrong board before. So sorry for the repeat!)