Working through pregnancy

I have a very demanding job which often leaves me working 60+ hours a week, that is up until the last two weeks when morning sickness has taken over. And by morning sickness I mean running to the bathroom all hours of the night and day to throw up the sip of ginger ale or bite of cracker I have consumed over the last 48 hours. My boss recommended a leave of absence and my doctor said if I have one more night of constant nausea and vomiting then she is not only going to make me take a leave of absence, but also admit me to the er for fluids. I have agreed to take a week off the rest and how my coworker is being horrible to me. She's pissed because now she has to cancel her brunch plans because can't come in tomorrow. Honestly I am stressed enough and don't even want to deal with that woman and don't even want to return to work. What would you do If you were me?