My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years. We have gone through a lot. We have broke up almost a year into our relationship for two months and then decided to get back together. We had unprotected sex when we got back together and we found out I was pregnant. I miscarried at 15w. We broke up three days after my D&C. We were toxic. Recently, we got back together and living together again.

It has been rocky since we have decided to get together again. It was only a month that we broke up for. No contact.

We love each other, as we have clearly sat and talked about it. In these discussions, we also stated that not only do we love each other, we want to be with one another and be happy. However, we argue A LOT. We are working on it but it just doesn't stop.

We both are extremely jealous, we both are stubborn, yet we are opposites on every thing else. I am an Aquarius women and he is a Leo man (whether you believe in zodiac signs or not we do) and it basically states our relationship.

My question is this: How do you just live to love the person that has had your heart since you were 15? (Friends from 15-19, dating from 19-21) He is 23.

How do you protray your love for someone without being overbearing? (I'd say we both have this issue)

Any suggestions on making it work? For those who are married, how do you guys cope with jealousy, maintaining a social life with and without your SO, ETC?