PMS or Pregnancy??

My Husband and I have been TTC for 1 whole month now. I've been on birth control for over 5 years.
 I got on BC originally for irregular cycles, so I'm sure I'll have the same issue now that I'm off. My "projected" af should start on Monday according to Glow and most other apps, but we will see. 
I've noticed though that I've been cramping mildly only once or twice a day the past week or so, with it gradually getting worse and more frequent. 
I usually cramp A LOT when af comes, but it only starts a day or two beforehand. 
Could this be a possible pregnancy symptom, or just another af symptom that's out of whack because it's my first month off BC??
I'm trying not to get my hopes up being only one monthly, but wow it's so hard!!