Hilly β€’ Married to the most amazing man in the entire world & blessed with our beautiful 1st child...all glory and thanks to God☺.

I realised that I complain too much and to be very honest with you, it really doesn't solve any problems nor does it help me at all. So I am 39weeks pregnant tomorrow with baby #1, husband and I are suppose to move out from our current 1 bedroom house and move into our new 2 bedroom flat, but the estate agency we're dealing with has put us in an ironic situation where we potentially may not be able to move in tomorrow....resulting us being stuck and may potentially have to move into my inlaws house for the short term until this house situation is sorted out. Did I expect this to happen at my final week of pregnancy? Certainly not😠!!!

Yes I am 39weeks far along my pregnancy, I could choose to slander the people dealing with our case or overwhelmed, worried, annoyed and stressed out. But I realised it's not worth it😞. I have every power to be in control of my feelings and reactions. Yes I did shed some tears today concerning this case, but I choose not to complain. I choose to leave our problems in the hands of God and believe He will sort things out for us. I just need to remain calm and collective for the health and wellbeing of my unborn child.....its so easy to get stressed but in hine site things always turns out for our good even if it doesn't happen in the exact way, time or place that we planned it to be. Overall our heavenly Father is always taking care of us.

#my encouragement to u ladies is to try and stay positive and encouraged. Do not give ear to negativity or things that discourages your spirit. Be joyful always not just for yourselves but for the benefit of your beautiful babies soon to arrive or have already arrived😊😊😊.