Stressing so bad!!!!!

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I cry because of how bad this bothers me, I think about it way too much and just get angry thinking about it. My house is so dirty!!!! There's dog hair everywhere and there's clothes and dirty shoes and garbage everywhere! I will clean it every single day spotless and as soon as my brother and sister get time they are so sloppy and just do anything! They don't care and I yell at them everyday to clean up after themselves and they NEVER do! My baby is going to be here soon and it makes me cry just thinking about her living in a dirty house.. I ask everyone to just clean up after them selves or not leave there cereal bowls on the table and leave them all day there!!!  I don't want my baby living in a house like this); I've asked my mom to make them clean up after themselves to give them chores or anything to help.. But she never does! And the dog hair.. You sit here and look over and the couch is seriously full of dog hair its gross! Idk why to do this has never bothered me before.. But it's getting ridiculous and I work so hard everyday to clean up after kids that aren't even mine! What do I do? Is this just part of one of the pregnancy things idk..