FET on Monday


Not sure if I'm being hormonal or what ...

Just said to my hubby, "Remind me to drink lots of water over the weekend, I want to make sure I'm good and hydrated for Monday!" (I struggle with water intake, I hate it soooo much) and he looked at me funny and asked why.  And I said, "Because of the transfer!" and he looked confused again... I then asked him if he'd told his dad he needs Monday morning off (he works for the family business) and he said no.

He totally forgot we were having the transfer on Monday.  It's all I can think about, and he forgot.  He's telling his dad now that he'll be in late, but now he has to go in over the weekend because there's stuff he was going to take care of Monday morning.

Has it become so routine that he no longer considers it a special event???

So, I burst into tears, and he feels like an ass.

Just wondering if bursting into tears and being upset was hormonal, or if I'm justified?