Late period

Zue • Mother to a beautiful healthy boy ❤️🥰
Hello everyone. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years, i was on and off of birthcontrol because it was either i forgot or it was just making me a bit too emotional. The last birthcontrol i had was the mirena and honestly i think it was the worst thing ever so i removed it. Now my boyfriend and i just do withdrawal. There have been times where he would finished on me or around my vagina. One day it was inside so i bought the plan b pill, now im 6 days late and im just wondering is it becuz of the plan b pill or could it have been because of the times that he had finished on me and around my vagina? I have been feeling kind of diferrent but i think its just becuz of the pill, i know that if i am pregnant the pill would not harm the baby. So should i wait it out? Or is it just too soon to  take a pregnancy test?