What do you think?! Please help

My guy friend who I became extremely close with we have very deep conversations and he's a total sweetheart when we're together he acts like my boyfriend and I told him I'm falling for him and he blushed and said he was falling for me too I know it genuine but the other night we got into an argument where he made me very upset and since I have anger issues which I normally know how to contain but he kept picking and irritating me by bringing up the situation that was really stupid he didn't talk to me for a day and said he just saw another side to me that was a turnoff we talked about it and we're back to normal but we had another convo and he was saying I don't want a relationship and that if I can't handle it he'd let me go because he doesn't wanna hurt me he also said I just wanna have fun with you (not just sex lol) he was betrayed with his previous gf who broke his heart completely he did tell me that he was in shock when I came into his life because he never knew he could care about someone again but it just makes me upset like what if I were to fall in love with him and do want him in that way what will I do I'm already head over heels for him he's the most amazing guy I ever met): everything we feel is so mutual I feel it I know bull shit when I see it and it's not him. Do you think he'd be able to change his mind because ok I would I was hurt in the same way he was but I handled it differently. I care for him and don't want him to not be in my life