Finding a new birth control.

Help! I just turned 30 & I have to find a new birth control. Well to be honest I'd rather than take any at all. The new arm implant has wrecked my world for 23 months & 30 days of bleeding is the final straw. I can't take it. My boyfriend, of a year, is concerned about my health & I'm concerned about my sanity. I can't be on the shot for the same reason (3 shots = 9 mos of spotting & periods) I need a low dose pill that won't send my emotions into hyper-drive. I workout, I eat well (most of the time) & losing weight is already difficult so I'm scared of blowing up like a balloon. I can't spend the next year trying this or that hoping for regularity. My Dr's aren't concerned at all & have no advice. I really am frustrated & maybe all I really wanted to do was vent so I don't cry over this nonsense.