MTHFR feel like dying

I have been tested and came back positive for the gene mutation MTHFR. I have both copies and am currently seeing an OBGYN who also has this mutation. I figured by having it she would see how important research is on this topic. All of my research says folic acid is NOT what I need, but Folate. However, my OB has me taking only folic acid and nothing else. I do not think she is doing all she can. I am almost 30 and have had no kids and 1 miscarriage. I want to get pregnant asap and she wants to see me monthly. I recently had my eggs and ovulation cycle also tested and my numbers came out great. I am not sure if this mutation is keeping me from getting pregnant or not but Ive been trying for over a year with no luck. Anyone have advice?? I need someone to talk to please ... Thank u