Needing advice (non pregnancy related)


I'm really in need of some advice being my go to is always my sister whose also like my best friend were very close, or I vent to my hubby and being it's about both of them im a little lost, okay so here it goes my brother in law works 3rd shift he and my sister have a 7 month old son who I babysit every Monday just to help out with him getting sleep his mom has watched him on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ( also my husband's days off from work) well she's a teacher and I'd returning to school.

My husband has been trying really hard to get onto third shift ( he is a new corrections officer and without time in you're on second shift and he does not want to miss out on his kids lives being while he's home they are at school and when they come home he's at work ) but at the time didn't really seem to be working out so I offered to babysit my nephew the other two days to help out my sister....

Well now the job gave him 3rd like we've always wanted and I have tried to give her a heads up and she seems to still think I will have my nephew those days...

So bc her husband works third shift he can't have his son bc he needs sleep but my husband will be on the same shift and will have to have my nephew here ?!

She's my big sister and I really hate letting her down but that seems alittle ridiculous to me and I do t know how to handle it. Because I also have my husband to think about now and didn't want me babysitting in the first place but me and my big heart offered. Also those are his days off I'd love to see them watch my kid on there weekend off every week. End of rant .