3 years and counting...

Kayshlee • Kayshlee.
I was diagnosed with endo at that age of 17. Before being diagnosed, I'd never heard of it. 
Being young and clueless, I thought the laparoscopic surgery that was given to me as my option to have children later on in life... Would be the end of my endo journey...
It is now 3 years later and counting, and the pain has only increased.
The laparoscopic surgery worked for only so long before tha pain came back full force. 
I've felt so alone in this journey, not knowing anyone else that has this condition.
My pain is constant. It often times makes me grumpy and irrational.
I am often lethargic, as well.
No pain medicine works. I've been put on metformin (diabetes medication , as an alternative to the normal napro... I do not have diabetes.)
I stay up some nights and think about whether or not I will be able to have children... It's not something I should be thinking about at this age. 
So I'm very glad to have found this group, I needed this!