Baby last Name

Ok it's pretty simple if your married but for women like me who isn't & have to decide who last name you baby carry on for the rest of his or her life it's complicated. So my "boyfriend" overall is a good parent yes he already has a child with another women Yes she has his last name. we have our bad moments been having them a lot lately but deciding on who name my baby gets is the hardest. See I have a issue with my baby having his father name because of the simple fact we aren't married. This being my first I would like to carry on the legaCry of my last name since him & my brother are really the last to carry it out. Now my child's father is like no questions about it he will have his last name & im just like😳 lol if Yall only knew what I go through. I mean at the end of the day I know it's my decision but at the end of the day someone is gonna get hurt. Desicions.Desicions.Desicions