Trying To Become Pregnant

Hello, To anyone who is reading this I'm new to glow and I was wondering or maybe looking for some advice. I'm 28 years old I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend for about 3 and half years going on 4 in October. I've been TTC since April of this year and it seen like nothing is working so far. I still have my cycle every month. I was recently diagnose with ovarian cysts last year and I had the surgery done to remove my left ovary that was a size of a orange. I don't know what kind of cyst I've but that's something I'll ask my doctor when I see him in September. I was told that a person can still become pregnant while having a cyst. I been trying for months now and starting to become worried. My question is have any of you ladies who was diagnose with ovarian cysts or known any person who had it. How long did it take you to become pregnant?