No kids in baby shower! Is this rude?

I want to do myself a babyshower in a one month! I find babyshowers to be more of a all women adult party.. I never take my kids with me to babyshowers or bachelorette parties.. Haha alot of moms i know do take their kids to these kind of celebrations! πŸ˜‚ I've been to some babyshowers were moms take their kids and the kids dont let them enjoy anything! Or because of moms being super busy with all the games ect the kids find themselves making a massive mess everywhere in the house and some moms are totally ok with it.. Lol sorry but my place is pretty small, and im also a very picky person with my stuff, even though im aware that throwing a party comes with its own mess. This is why I always rent a place for my kids birthday partys.. But this time since adults do know how to behave, and its just girls and i love to decorate my home in the fall, i found it to be more of a cozy shower if i do it at home, since my theme is going to be FALL β˜ΊοΈπŸ‚πŸ!! Β I was even planing on having my husband take or two kids (8 and 7) out the whole party so i could enjoy the shower.. Would it sound rude if i put in tiny letters on the invitation "please no kids" ?? Help, i dont want to sound rude!! Or am I being rude just by posting this question?? Lol!! There has to be some moms out there that think the same way! 😬😬😬