Ok let me start by making clear, I have a wonderful husband who helps with the kids and treats us all wonderfully.

Damned man. I told him, I am going to give the girls a bath and then let them watch a movie. So up we go while he sits there and watches the game. We have two tvs, I tell him move yourself downstairs and watch you game. We get baths done, girls are dressed, we come down, he even good naturedly asked the oldest what she was going to watch. He sees me setting up the movie, putting it in the machine, all the while watching his game. So when I finally get it all set up, I switch the channel to put it on her movie. He gives me this look, and says "Seriously?" I am like I told you go downstairs I am going to let the girls watch a show. He walks away muttering, I don't know why your in such a bad mood. Honestly I want to beat my head against the wall......What was he thinking?

This is just a rant...Damned Man