Ba-Bee Shower!!

Lauren • Loving this blessed life with my husband and baby girl! Can't wait to see what more God will do with our lives!
We had our Ba-Bee shower today! It was absolutely amazing AND tons of fun! My mom, MIL, and best friend did an amazing job!! We aren't telling anyone but close family and friends our baby name, so I apologize for the large blackouts where her name is. ☺️ My mother made the center pieces out of flowers from her backyard (she did buy the sunflowers from a nursery), and she also made our diaper cake! She included the bottle announcement we used when we told her I was pregnant. We played don't say baby, blind folded diapering, the price is right, make a bet on when baby Moon will arrive ($5 per guess and winner will receive the pot after she's born), and wishes for baby! We ended up with 40 great friends and family and NOW I'm ready for baby Moon to arrive!!